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Transmission Fluid Flush Service - San Antonio, TX

Proper transmission fluid maintenance is required to keep your transmission shifting right and on the road longer. Sergeant Clutch Discount Transmission & Auto Repair Shop in San Antonio, TX offers Affordable Transmission Fluid Maintenance Services.

Have you changed your automatic transmission fluid and transmission filter in the past year or 12,000 miles? Overtime the transmission fluid breaks down from heat, normal wear and tear. The automatic transmission releases bits of metal and clutch material from the internal parts and gears. The transmission filter catches these contaminates and metals. If the transmission filter clogs up it will create major transmission problems.

Transmission Fluid Change San Antonio TX. Sergeant Clutch Transmission Repair San Antonio offers Cheap Transmission Oil Change Transmission Fluid Flush San Antonio Texas. Sergeant Clutch Transmission Repair San Antonio TX

Sergeant Clutch Discount Transmission Fluid Flush in SanAntonio, Texas


6557 Walzem Road (Corner of New World)

San Antonio, Texas 78239

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